Outdoor motion capture

Only for the bright

Motion capture should be fun and effortless wherever you are.
Even in bright outdoor conditions.

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Oqus 7+ sun filter

Motion capture in sunshine

Capturing motion outdoors has always been a challenge. We are changing that with the Oqus 7+ Sun Filter.

A difference that counts

Get better tracking

The Oqus 7+ Sun Filter allows you to get much better tracking results in extreme sunlight. See the difference for yourself.

Selecting cameras

Camera selection guide

for outdoor measurements
Requirement Miqus M1 Miqus M3 Oqus 3+ Oqus 5+ Oqus 7+ Oqus 7+ w/ Sun Filter
Outdoor capabilities + + + +
Long distance outdoors - - + + +
Fast movement, high frame rate outdoors - - - +
High performance with extreme sunlight - - - - - +
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Set up

Our systems are portable and can be set up almost anywhere. We deliver all that you need and help you get started. In this way you will get the best performance with as little hassle as possible.

Real-life examples


Regardless if you are tracking the locomotion of a horse or the global location of a quadcopter – taking your experiment out in the open has never been easier.

Make your analysis

Get results

Take advantage of our analysis modules for QTM and select from a wide range of modules, including ones for gait, golf, baseball and running.

Each module is complete with pre-defined marker sets,
report templates and documentation.

Motion capture made easy

Watch the Oqus 7+ in action

Oqus 7+ features

Top features. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Oqus 7+ Sun Filter makes our flagship camera the ultimate outdoor work horse. Just look at all those shiny icons.

Extreme pixel rate
Safe to use in sunshine
Water resistant
High-speed sensor
Silent in use
Long distance tracking

Need reassurance?

Listen to what our customers say. According to our latest customer survey, 96% of our customers would recommend us to others.

Mikael Swarén, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
The high accuracy combined with the movability of the Qualysis system are really important for me as most of our projects involve customized test setups, either inside the laboratory or outside in the field.
Dr Kim Hébert-Losier, The University of Waikato, New Zealand
I was extremely impressed by the outdoor capabilities and the high sampling frequency of the system with several National Sporting Organizations having already expressed interest in using the system.
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